Ingredients Glossary

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A natural humectant, glycerin attracts and retains moisture in the skin, promoting hydration. It's a safe alternative to synthetic moisturizers with potential chemicals.

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Water is an essential and safe hydrating ingredient in skincare, maintaining the skin's moisture balance without additives or irritants.

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Pentylene Gloycol

This versatile ingredient moisturizes and preserves skincare products while being safer than traditional preservatives, which may irritate skin.

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Sodium hyaluronate

Known for powerful hydration, sodium hyaluronate, a stable form of hyaluronic acid, deeply moisturizes and absorbs better for skin benefits.

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A safer option for texture, carbomer is a common thickening agent in skincare compared to petroleum-derived or irritant-containing alternatives.

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Derived from plants, mannose gently hydrates as a safer, natural humectant compared to potentially irritating synthetic options.

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As a pH adjuster, tromethamine maintains skincare product pH without disrupting skin's natural balance.

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Vital for skin structure, collagen offers natural firmness and elasticity, an alternative to synthetic anti-aging ingredients.

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Caprylyl Glycol

Providing moisture, conditioning, and preservation, caprylyl glycol is safer than certain synthetic preservatives that may irritate skin.

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fjör's enzyme blend balances the skin's microbiome, enhances active ingredients, and gently exfoliates, replacing harsh physical exfoliants.

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M-prolyl Palmitoyl Tripeptide-56 Acetate

Stimulating collagen, this peptide reduces fine lines and wrinkles—an effective alternative to other anti-aging ingredients.

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Calcium Chloride

Naturally toning and firming, calcium chloride is a preferred choice over synthetic ingredients claiming similar benefits.

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Xylitol is used as a humectant. Its hydrating properties help in retaining the skin's natural moisture. This in turn helps in making the skin's barrier stronger.

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PEG-8 is a synthetic polymer that works to bind moisture to skin, increasing hydration.

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Japanese blood grass root extract

Japanese blood grass root extract acts as an excellent long-term moisturizer, and has efficacy to support an increase in hydration levels 24 hours after application.


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