100% Money Back Guarantee

At fjör, we pride ourselves on creating formulas that deliver skin health results for you. We believe in our results-driven products, and in our commitment to you, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you aren't seeing results that align with the benefits described.


Step-by-Step Process (read carefully)

The steps are as straightforward as our routines:
1. Simply proceed with your purchase.

2. Take a photo of your skin on Day 0 holding the fjör product in the picture before starting to use the fjör products and every 2 weeks after. We require a picture of your face in good light (preferably in the bathroom), straight on, holding the product next to your face, before the first use of the product to assess the condition of your skin. We then require the same photo every two weeks holding the fjör product until you have finished the product. From this, we can assess the visible impacts on the complexion, coloring, and general health of your skin.

3. Within 45 days, if you do not see positive results, submit your request via the provided form and we'll process the claim.

4. If eligible for money back, we will require you to return the products to an address provided by our customer service team.

Money back Request Form

Please fill out this form

If I have ordered more than once, am I still eligible?

No, if you have made multiple orders then we understand that you are happy with the product.

Will I be refunded the shipping cost?

No, the shipping cost will not be refunded.

What is the duration of the money-back guarantee?

You can apply for 100% money-back if you have experienced no or ill desired effects from the product within the first 45 days of your order.

You can apply for 100% money-back if you have seen no positive visible impacts on the complexion, coloring, and general health of your skin (these will depend on the product you have used i.e. if it is anti-aging we will look for those impacts) after 30 days of usage and before 45 days from your order. We suggest finishing the entire product before considering reclaiming it.

Do I need to return the product?

If you have seen no visible positive effects you will not need to return the product.

If you have experienced negative effects from the product then you will need to return the product before being refunded.

How will the refund be processed?

We will refund your purchasing card.

How can I check the status of my refund?

If you need to check the status of your refund, you can contact support@fjor.life.

Disclaimer - fjör does not guarantee product results but will refund first purchases that do not see desired results.