Stylist - I have rosacea – these are the expert-approved products I love that don’t irritate my skin - fjör

"Some gentle exfoliators can be effective. Fjör’s hydrolytic enzyme is a targeted exfoliator that is recommended for those with rosacea. Mats Clarsund, Fjör scientific lead, explains: “Target exfoliation means that the enzyme acts as a pair of scissors that snips off only dead cells from the skin, leaving alive cells to continue their natural lifecycle. Other exfoliation methods are not targeted so they do not distinguish between what is dead skin and what is alive skin, which can leave your skin damaged, exposed to external pathogens and often with a red appearance.”

This unique formula includes the proprietary hydrolytic enzyme, Japanese bloodgrass root extract and xylitol for long-lasting hydration and microbiome rebalancing while supporting the skin’s natural barrier.