Are Hydrolytic Enzymes the New Hyaluronic Acid? - The fjör story on Esquire - fjör

By Roberta Schroeder

“If your interest in men’s skincare extends beyond a supermarket bottle of face wash and a basic moisturiser, you’ll be familiar with hyaluronic acid. Even if you have no idea what it is, or does, you’ll have seen the words writ large
across almost every new serum and face cream hitting the shelves.”

a bottle of the hydrolytic moisturizer with a scientific clamp suspended above

"Perhaps, it’s time to let another ingredient into our grooming lexicon: and, if you want your skincare to do more than simply hydrate, that ingredient should be hydrolytic enzymes.

I know what you’re thinking: another tortuous sciencey thing to get your head around – but if you’re looking for something to tackle spots, sensitivity or endlessly oily skin, this could well be just the thing.

Hydrolytic enzymes are essentially a catch-all ingredient that work on the premise of building up the skin, rather than taking away from it (which might sound obvious, but consider how retinol and exfoliating acids work on the premise of the latter). It’s clever stuff, and new Swedish skincare brand fjör is the first brand (in the world!) to harness it."

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