Gut/Skin Axis

The Gut & Skin - Explained

The gut is a part of the digestive journey. It allows your body to process the stuff you consume, absorbs all the goodies like the minerals and nutrients and then utilizes them to nourish and energize the body. If the gut
doesn’t work properly, there is a mounting risk of gut diseases that could occur. Our gut is repetitively susceptible to ambient chemicals and foreign antigens. That’s why it comprises a great immune system with lymphoid tissues and immune cells.

Meanwhile, the skin is the biggest organ in the human body. It basically functions as a
fence between internal processes and the external environment that surrounds you. The skin defends against viruses, controls body temperature, and produces
touch (tactile) sensations – and what are we without touch. A skin immune system works the same as our gut does to defend the host against allergens, diseases, pathogens, and inflammation.

Gut/skin axis

Let's talk about the connection between gut health and skin. Your skin is a natural indicator of what's happening within the gut. Given that we are still learning so much about the gut, there are so many different and new concerns that we must look out for. An unbalanced gut can show its effects by appearing in some of the most uncomfortable forms such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis on the skin. Both the gut and the skin are deeply influenced by their respective microbiomes. There must exist a balance and care for these micro-organisms. The balance and care of these bacteria reflect more healthy and balanced skin.  

Skin Irritation through Skin Bacteria Balance

The assortment of bacteria, fungi, and other creatures that reside in and on the body is known as the microbiome. A balance of skin microbiomes is essential for
maintaining healthy skin. Skin inflammation that can show up in forms such as acne or eczema is due to the modern-day need to strip the skin of its natural oils and bacteria to apply synthetic moisture and unfortunately allow for the
microbes to outgrow the good.

Skin and gut microbiomes work similarly. The imbalance of gut microbes can cause inflammation and other issues. Likewise, inflammatory skin diseases, such as
acne, psoriasis, and eczema can be due to an imbalance of bacteria on the skin. When the bad bacteria overcome the skin and can cause inflammation. The gut
immune system can either activate or deactivate skin diseases. If your gut is healthy, the gut will produce immune cells against bad bacteria on the skin and consequently, prevent skin irritation. Thus, we can say that if your skin and gut microbes are working efficiently, you will get long-term relief from skin problems. And your skin will glow like a mirror.

Intake Symprove supplements for Healthy Microbes

Sometimes we just want to live our lives exactly how we want. Eat that pizza, drink that fifth glass of wine. And that’s totally okay. That’s why we’re writing these pieces, so we can give you some additional tools. The microbiome reacts quickly to
dietary changes. We as humans might be capable of stimulating more beneficial microbes through certain supplementary tools. Symprove is one of them. Symprove
is a nutritional supplement that has active bacteria in it. Symprove acts to ensure a healthy microbiome and optimum gut health. The beneficial bacterium is in charge of defending and nourishing our gut microbiota daily basis. If you are also conscious of your skin and gut health, consider adding Symprove to your diet to live knowing you’ve done a good thing.

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