Esquire - The Best Face Serums for Men - fjör

"One of the smartest skincare innovations we've tried in a while, Fjör's silky serum is the first in the world to utilise a promising hydrolytic enzyme formulated by a Swedish biotech lab.

Most skin concerns – from acne to redness and eczema – arise from an out-of-whack microbiome. Fjör's enzyme essentially works to balance this out, blocking harmful microbes from disrupting the skin and boosting the good bacteria it needs to thrive.

It's moisturising enough to negate the need for moisturiser (although if you'd like extra hydration, the brand makes a gel-cream too) and gentle enough to keep even the most delicate complexions happy. If you're after something to bring down rosacea or serious sensitivity, head here."

- Robert Schroeder, Senior Editor