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Skincare lessons to my younger self

07th Jul

I thought as a small anecdote about skincare being a journey, I’d write a small letter to my younger self. Something I hope you can all see a little bit of yourself in.

Dear mini-me,

You’re doing ok, the occasional volcano of a pimple is totally normal, but you need to stop picking at your face. It literally is making your skin so much worse. While we’re on the topic – just stop touching your face altogether (if you’re reading this whilst touching your face, please lift the hands away from the face).

You’ve just graduated from just a splash of water to the face, to using your first skincare products. Boy, does it feel weird… (for the men and women out there reading this, you might be in your mid-20s and mid-30s feeling this, but best believe we’ve all been there at some point).

You’re going to start wondering “what is the best skincare brand for my face?”, and you’re probably going to explore a lot of different products, brands, and routines to discover what works best for you. You’ll start cheap, but once you raid your mum’s (or dad!) skincare collection, you’ll want that budget upgrade – for sure.

I wish I could tell you then and there: all the testing and changing of products is most likely going to contribute to a few skin problems down the line – but there’s no point dwelling. Find good quality skincare. Skincare that focuses on working with the skin you have, not trying to strip and redesign this beautiful terrain. It might be cheaper and have high promise, but I can assure you: It’s. Just. Not. Worth. It.

Also, everyone is about to start talking about the Korean 10-step routine. I know you’re going to try it. But that’s a lesson you have to go through, for self-discovery and because those face masks smell so misleadingly good. Going forward: nice smell = no go. Perfumes have 40-50 chemicals even within the single word ‘Perfume’ written on a formula list.

That being said, all of this experimenting and angering your skin means you’ll be compelled to dive in and create the brand you’ve always wanted in 10 years’ time.

But for now, find the simplest, most effective, and science-driven skincare. It’ll be worth every penny. If it were of its time, I’d of course say go with fjör.