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Life Stories: Skincare as a journey to happiness

02nd Nov

As a man who previously never put much effort into my skincare, I battled with a lot of insecurities regarding spots and dry skin. This caused a massive lack of confidence in myself and in my day-to-day life. I had looked into all these different options for improving my skin with products catered to men which consisted of 3 in 1 creams and lotions; however, it did not provide the relief my skin ultimately needed. After my journey began with fjör, I reaped so many of the benefits that the serum provided. My face and other affected areas began to clear up, which massively changed my outlook on myself and shifted the state of my general mental well-being. After sticking to a routine, I felt more confident than ever and it was like I could take control of myself again. This led me to ask myself the question of whether skin care can truly make a person happier.

Studies have been conducted on the effects of skincare on people who battled their own issues with insecurities and various forms of skin problems. The results interestingly displayed that the vast majority of participants showed improved feelings of happiness, empowerment and self-esteem. Some of the conclusions that were drawn from the study included that an efficient and quality skin care routine did in fact lead to major improvements in the quality of life of the participants.

Having a skincare routine is so much more than just protecting and improving the quality of your skin, it is a gateway to truly be who you were meant to be and to be able to find happiness within oneself.

– Peter

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