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Introducing fjör: a lean in with the Founder

01st Feb

I’ve never been a make-up person. I’ve always thought make-up took too long and unless it was for something special, I’ve always thought that I could use those extra minutes in the morning catching Zzz’s.

I’ve always preferred investing in having a solid foundation of skincare than trying to cover it up. On top of this I’ve watched my grandmother and mother deal with their own means of skin irritation, and well – that comes down to why fjör was started in the first place: if I can make one person feel better in their skin in a lifetime? Then I can say I’ve done something good in my life.

It makes me feel so proud, imagining that Fjör is coming to life. If you told me that I’d be on this journey 2 years ago – I most probably would’ve laughed, maybe even cried a little, and sternly told you that that would never happen in a million years.

And, well… here we are. And a journey, it has most certainly been.

One filled with more purpose and pushed me to think deeper into the motivation and passion behind the brand. The passion to make people feel not only comfortable. No. but to feel confident. Confident in their skin.

Now, you’re also probably wondering what on earth does all this tie in with a Nordic way of life, and that’s where a little bit of me comes in. I was raised in Singapore, with half Swedish half Malaysian heritage. With that in mind, Skincare has always been an interest and it’s to my delight to bring incredibly simple, science-driven and accessible skincare to you. You deserve the best, and we at fjör want nothing short of that for you.

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Lovingly, Natalie