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Dear fjör family,

We’re pleased to share a pivotal moment in our journey at fjör. In a recent pre-seed investment round, we have successfully secured £400k, led by 029 Group SE and visionary investor Christian Angermayer. This milestone underscores the recognition of fjör’s potential to redefine the paradigm of skincare, merging simplicity and efficacy, aesthetics and science.

A Blend of Science and Progress

Our foundation is anchored in the pioneering research of Swedish bio-scientists, with decades of experience in proprietary enzyme engineering. Since our inception, we’ve remained committed to infusing scientific rigor into every product we offer. This dedication has not gone unnoticed, with our hydrolytic serum, our flagship product, achieving remarkable results. During trial programs, an impressive 91% of users reported visible improvements in just a span of 6 weeks. fjör is not just about skincare; it’s about progress.

Embracing a Minimalist Approach

In a saturated market teeming with options, fjör stands out for its minimalist philosophy. We understand the challenge of navigating an array of products vying for attention. Our approach involves streamlining our offering to provide a concise selection that is meticulously researched. The intent is simple: quality over quantity. This approach signifies our commitment to providing efficacious solutions in an uncomplicated manner.

A connection of Aesthetic and Wellness

fjör’s vision extends beyond mere aesthetics. Our products are designed to contribute to the overall wellness of your skin, recognizing its role as a sentinel against external factors. Our belief in the interconnectedness of beauty and health drives our commitment to producing products that nurture both. By aligning external radiance with internal well-being, fjör aims to redefine conventional beauty standards.

The Road Ahead

With the support of 029 Group SE and Christian Angermayer, we are poised to embark on an exciting phase of growth and transformation. 029 Group SE’s history of identifying and backing category-leading brands lends credence to fjör’s potential to bring about change. Christian Angermayer’s visionary perspective adds further impetus to our journey. 

fjör isn’t just a brand; it’s a conduit for innovation and the confluence of beauty and wellness.

Thank you for being part of this.

Team fjör

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