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pronounced: fyor
fjör. Icelandic. Noun.
(neut.) (genitive singular fjörs, nominative plural -)
1. vitality, vigour, energy
2. fun
3. life

a simple powerful solution. fjör is consciously made for those on-the-go, who want the best with less.

The fjör philosophy

At fjör, our 3 key philosophies revolve around putting you first. Advancing your skincare routine to give you the comfort and confidence that you deserve.

Strength in less. We want to streamline your routine, so you can focus on everything else.

Carefully curated ingredients
of the highest quality. Fewer ingredients, with greater results for you

Accessible: bringing you the level of complex biotech to your fingertips.

Restore simplicity and confidence with fjör.

meet the founder,

Thank you for being here.

Creating fjör brought together so many aspects of my life: heritage, environment, passions and purpose. I grew up in Singapore and spent the later years of my life in Scandinavia. I learnt early on that skincare made a huge impact while manoeuvring these wildly different climates and environments. I’m talking: pollution levels, water hardness, humidity, UVA/UVB levels, diet and the list goes on. It became so important that what I was putting on my skin could withstand all these environmental changes along with me.

The passion and purpose come from wanting to make people feel like they can be exactly who they are, and feel good about it. Taking the saying of being ‘comfortable in your own skin’ in both the literal and metaphorical sense.

The word fjör very much embodies what I want the brand to give you. There’s something powerful in the Nordic way of life. Where less can truly be more powerful and embracing the notion of simplicity, even when it comes down to skincare, can be the change many of us need.

That’s why in April 2021, I took the leap and quit my full- time job to start fjör. In the midst of all this, we found our incredible Swedish Biotech partner, ZymIQ Technology that shared the same vision with their advanced enzyme technology. We embarked on the journey together to develop accessible, simple and powerful skincare.


‘The passion and purpose come from wanting to make people feel like they can be exactly who they are, and feel good about it.’

fjör founder natalie enslöw

Start your journey
with fjör to better skin.